Sunday, August 7, 2011

the weekend.

It's early Sunday evening, and here I am, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea in front of the computer. The weather has ranged from dreadful to mediocre this weekend, so spending some time inside has been the preferred option. I did manage to get out for a bit yesterday, but it was mostly to run errands like returning library books and getting my eyebrows waxed- nothing particularly worthy of being documented here. I did take a lovely walk through Laurel Heights and rather wished I had my camera, especially when I stumbled upon the Swedenborgian church on Lyon & Washington. But carrying a camera can be a bit cumbersome and it's nice to take a break from it sometimes. After my walk, I went shopping for for a few boring but essential items down by Union Square. It's always a semi-awful experience braving the crowds and general filthiness down there, but sometimes it can't be helped. Daniel spent all of Saturday out on a fishing trip with his Dad and came home that evening with some lovely fresh rockfish that we (erm, he) cooked for dinner with some butter and lemon. We were fast asleep by 10. 

So that brings us to Sunday. Daniel had to pack for yet another week-long work trip down to LA, so he organized his things while I ate cereal in bed and read the NYTimes on my iPad. Sometimes I miss getting the Sunday paper. At lunchtime, we drove over to Fillmore to get sandwiches at Jane.

After lunch, we walked next door to Citizen Cake and perused the dessert selection. We shared a s'more brownie so large and rich that my eyes glazed over almost instantly upon beginning to eat it. It was delicious and I really wish I'd had the foresight to take a picture of it before taking a first bite, because after the first bite there was no way I was putting it down to take any pictures. 

We surveyed the half-priced offerings at Browser Books and I took pictures of an old dog who was tied up outside the store.

I think he liked it.

Afterwards, I headed straight back to bed to nap off the effects of the brownie (obviously the most health-conscious approach) and Daniel left for the airport. It's always a bit melancholy to have Daniel out of town- the apartment suddenly feels so still. But such is life. Tonight, I have dinner plans with my friend Kinzie. We're going to La Ciccia and I'm contemplating walking over there rather than taking a cab, even though the weather outside is as gray and wretched as you can possibly imagine. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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