Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's a funny thing- I love tarot cards but would probably be too terrified to have anyone read my cards. Instead, I content myself with simply appreciating particularly strange and beautiful renditions of the cards, like the ones done by Francesco Clemente. I read an article on his foray into designing tarot cards in the New Yorker and loved looking through his versions of the Higher and Minor Arcana. 

Seven of Disks

Sara Mearns as The World

Diane von Furstenberg as The Force

I think Francesco Clemente's work is fascinating. I remember watching Alfonso Cuaron's version of Great Expectations when I was twelve and thinking how amazing the art in the movie was- all the sketches and watercolors, so beautiful and otherworldly. I'd love to find some prints of his work to put up on the admittedly rather bare walls of my apartment...

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