Tuesday, August 30, 2011

clementine bakery's banana cake

I don't read the LA Times. I grew up in San Diego and my parents always got the NY Times and the San Diego Union Tribune. Now living in San Francisco, I mostly just skim the news online, but rely mostly on the NY Times. 

But perhaps I've made a mistake. 

A few days ago, I read a recipe for banana cake on Luisa's lovely blog,attributed to the Clementine Bakery via the LA Times. I've never been particularly ga-ga for banana cake, but this one caught my attention. We'd been invited to a last-minute dinner party with friends, so I thought I'd make this as our contribution to the meal.

{with cream cheese frosting}

I baked the cake in a 9x13 inch pan and it took almost an hour to bake (rather than the 35-40 minutes suggested). I think it would have been prettier baked in a 10 inch round pan (but maybe that's just because flat, rectangular cakes seem kind of bland looking to me) but 9x13 was what I had. I let it cool, frosted it, and stuck a strawberry on top to dress it up a bit.

Pretty or not, this cake is delicious. The bananas give it an incredibly plush crumb and the flavor was full and rich. I noted Luisa's changes to the cream cheese frosting, but decided I wanted it with the full amount of sugar listed in the original recipe. Even after a big meal at our friends' place, everyone still managed to put away large slices of the cake and even go for seconds, in some cases.

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