Friday, August 19, 2011

joy wilson's s'more brownies

Tonight, I'm going to a dinner party over in Nob Hill. It's a bunch of girls getting together and no one really eats at these things. Instead, everyone pretty much drinks their dinner and then sits around gossiping at high volume. A cliche? Possibly. But it happens, which is why we have these types of gatherings at each others' homes rather than in restaurants. Nothing is worse than a table of drunk, shrieking women at a restaurant.

I digress.

Because I don't want anyone to be overly tipsy, S'more brownies are my contribution to the evening. I figure this way, everyone will have some nice butterfat coating their stomachs. 

Happy Friday. I hope everyone has plans that include lots of wine and chocolate.

*Update: these brownies were more cake-like and- dare I say- a little dry. I would try this again, but using a more fudgy brownie recipe as the base, leaving the graham crackers in fairly big pieces, and using either homemade marshmallows or the big square ones you can often find in gourmet groceries. I figure if you're going to eat a s'more brownie, it should damn well be worth it. 

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