Saturday, August 13, 2011

saturday morning, hayes valley

I woke up fairly early this morning. No reason- I was just awake. I went to make coffee and then remembered that I'd used up all the milk two days ago. So I dressed myself and headed out.

I decided to walk down to Hayes Valley. It was sunny and I thought a morning walk would be pleasant. 

I'd been planning to head to Blue Bottle, but as I walked through Patricia's Green I spotted Ritual Coffee and thought it looked promising.

I was not disappointed. I ordered a double latte and sat down to absorb the sunshine. Glorious.

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but the flowers are luminous. 

Afterwards, I walked home- up along Hayes St. and through Alamo Square. I stopped to watch the fog bank that was blanketing the western part of the city and thought about how cold and damp it was going to be at Outside Lands. Then I went back to the apartment to wait for Daniel, who was due home from the airport any minute. A beautiful morning- there's nothing like drinking a cup of great coffee in the early morning sunshine.

Ritual Coffee Roasters
432 Octavia St
SF CA 94102

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