Tuesday, August 16, 2011

end of summer, ballet

Summer session for ballet ends this week and I officially graduate on to the next level. In between, we get a week off from dance. I've had so much fun in the class and I can't wait to start learning some more advanced techniques. A lot of people have asked me if ballet class is a good work out. Absolutely it is. Of course it feels different than going for a run or taking a spinning class, but at the end of  ballet, my muscles always feel as though they've been thoroughly stretched and woken up. It's wonderful.


  1. Lauren! Where do you take ballet? I've been thinking about starting ballet lessons again but not sure where to go. XO

  2. Thanks, Elaine! I've been taking classes at the Academy of Ballet and I love it- I'd definitely recommend trying it out! http://www.chamberdancesf.org/academy/
    Also, we need to hang out sometime soon- it's been forever!


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