Tuesday, November 30, 2010

small pleasures

Right now, my job is pretty much all-consuming, so when I make it home at the end of the day, I generally just toss some food in my mouth and then go to sleep.   

Please, don't be intimidated by the glamour of my lifetyle.

Anyway, my schedule will be pretty packed with work until Christmas, but until then, I'm trying to soldier through and enjoy small pleasures. Like hot bread from the bakery or cashmere socks to sleep in when the weather drops below zero. Or the occasional good movie.

Babette's Feast 1987
Last night I watched the Danish film "Babette's Feast" for the first time. The basic premise is that a Frenchwoman named Babette flees to a remote village in Denmark during the days of the Paris commune. She works as a servant for two elderly spinsters who hold church services for a bunch of querulous old Danes. One day, Babette discovers she's won the lottery and decides to spend her winnings preparing a real French dinner for her employers and their small congregation. The food is stunning- with things like blinis Demidorf, turtle soup, and cailles en sarcophages (which, in case you were wondering, are quails boned and then stuffed with foie gras and slivers of black truffle and served in a puff pastry "sarcophagus" with a truffle sauce. My eyes almost fell out of my head.)

It's a wonderful movie that speaks to the power of food, as an art and also as a means of bringing people together. 
Does that sound corny? Well, I don't care. 

As I said, focusing on the small pleasures

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