Monday, November 22, 2010


I went into Diptyque on the rue des Francs Bourgeois yesterday and wanted to buy everything in the store. I'm not a huge candle person and I don't like anything that smells too sweet or too fruity, but Diptique candles are just so lovely. Not only do I love the way they smell, but I love their labels. Sleek, unfussy.

When you go into the store, the staff encourages you to turn the candles over and tip them out of the glass holder so that you can smell the base of the candle, where the scent is the most condensed. It makes a big difference to do this, since the smell of a new, unlit candle can be rather faint and if you're going to spend 40€ on a single bougie, you probably want to make sure you really like the frangrance.

 Some of my favorites were Figuier and Sapin, which I think would both be perfect in a living room as a small, elegant touch.

Already thinking of who these might make good Christmas presents for just so I can have the fun of going back into the shop...

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