Thursday, November 18, 2010

i heart picnics

My parents came to France a few months ago as part of a wine tasting tour  with a group of friends. Everyone met up in Paris and together we took a bus to Beaune
I don't know a lot about wine. I mean, I know I like it, but I am really very ignorant about it. Still, it was an amazing trip and so much fun to visit Burgundy with people who really know a lot about the wines of the region.

We ate a lot of incredible food over the course of the trip, but one of the nicest meals we had as a family was when we decided to pick up a few things from the Saturday farmer's market and have a picnic.

The farmer's market in Beune was incredible. We brought our feast back to the hotel where they set us up on a little patio and we tucked into the spoils: melon, strawberries, cherries, a roasted chicken, dried salami, radishes, bread, cheese and some wonderful Burgundy.

I have always loved picnics. But it's not until recently that I realized you can have picnics anywhere- a field, your house, a hotel courtyard...really, it just means choosing an assortment of delicious foods you don't have to cook and then eating with friends and/or family. Preferably with wine.

Anyway, after a lot of restaurant dining this week with my mother, we decided last night that we'd rather stay in. 

So a dinner picnic in my apartment was the perfect choice. And because I live right off of rue Montorgueil (read this to get an idea of the magnificence) it is the work of mere minutes to pull together a picnic of astounding deliciousness.

We bought radishes, two kinds of cheese, a baguette, rabbit pate, cold whole shrimp, a cucumber and roquette salad, and dark chocolates. After our big (and long!) meal the night before at Chez Dumonet, it was lovely to have a relaxed evening at home.

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