Sunday, November 21, 2010

heinrich kuhn @ l'orangerie

Today was a very rainy Sunday, so I decided it would be best spent indoors. 
But after loafing around my apartment for most of the morning, I was feeling stir-crazy and needed to get out of the house. So I bundled myself up and headed out to see the Heinrich Kuhn exhibit at the Orangerie; when my mother was here last week, she had stumbled upon it and told me afterwards that she thought I would like it. 

She was right.

 Still Life with Oranges - Heinrich Kuhn, 1905

On the Hillside - Heinrich Kuhn, 1910
His photographs are marvelously beautiful, at least to my eyes.*

 I'd never heard of him before this, but I'm sort of in love now. I even bought the coffee table book of his photographs. It's exactly the type of art I'd love to hang on my own walls. 

Anyway, it was a perfect way to spend a piece of my otherwise soggy Sunday afternoon. 
Happy weekend.

*This shows a bit more.

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