Thursday, November 11, 2010

jour d'armistice

So, today is Armistice Day and in France, Armistice Day= holiday = no work.


My mother arrived this morning after a very long flight from San Diego and is now fast asleep on my sofa. She has been a very good sport so far considering 1) I may have given her the wrong directions to my apartment. Oops. 2) It is raining cats and dogs AND windy AND freezing cold. 3) As it is a holiday, a lot of things are closed, which makes for a smaller selection of restaurants to dine in and shops to shop at. 

But we still managed to have a very nice day involving lunch at Ma Bourgogne on the Place de Vosges, new pair of boots from Ba&sh, and a mid-afternoon espresso on rue Caron. Around 4, my mother decided it was time for a petite sieste, so we headed back to my apartment. 
Usually I never take the metro between my neighborhood and the Marais because it isn't very far to walk  and I don't like switching trains in the rabbit-warren that is Chatelet, but since the weather today was so vile, we decided to take the metro. The bonus is that we got to hear a string group playing in the station- so good we actually stopped to listen for a few minutes.

Anyway, we have plans for drinks at Au Rocher de Cancale (kir royale!) and dinner at Pierrot (duck confit!) so I must beg off and wish you adieu until tomorrow.

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