Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday afternoon strolling

After a somewhat lazy morning and early afternoon spent lounging around the apartment and watching the Women's World Cup, I finally dragged Daniel out of the apartment for a walk around the neighborhood. We headed over to Matching Half for iced coffee and then strolled towards the Panhandle.

We wandered through the park for a while and then up through the Haight and to Buena Vista Park. Neither of us had ever walked through the park, so we decided to do a little exploring. The park was much larger than I had thought, and the paths were quite steep. But we were rewarded with some excellent views of the city.

After skipping lunch and going on an unexpectedly hilly walk, we were ready for an early dinner, so we stopped in at Ragazza, which is possibly my favorite place for pizza in the entire city. After dinner, we headed home to curl up on the sofa and watch Star Wars (Daniel's choice.) A very agreeable Sunday afternoon, it turned out. 

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend.

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