Wednesday, July 6, 2011

gone camping

Tomorrow Daniel and I leave for a spell of camping up in the Six Rivers National Forest. It's way up in the northernmost part of coastal California (a seven hour drive from San Francisco. Blerg.) and it's supposed to be beautiful. I never did much hiking or camping before I met Daniel. My family never took camping trips and I think I was always sort of skeptical of the whole idea. There seemed to be a lot of unpleasantness to contend with-  peeing in the woods, getting chewed by insects, not being able to properly wash oneself for several days in a row. But I've warmed up to it over the past few years. There really is something special about getting away from the city- allowing your waking hours to largely be determined by the rising and setting of the sun, the smell of campfires, experiencing real darkness at night, thick cobwebs of stars across the sky. It's rather nice.

So, we'll be away for a few days, hiking and fishing and making s'mores- a little summer getaway. Back on Monday with pictures!

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