Monday, July 4, 2011

the fourth

I love the Fourth of July.

This year has been particularly excellent. The weather, which is invariably terrible in San Francisco at this time of year, has been perfect. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon sunning ourselves on the beach, roasting like rotisserie chickens on the sand. Daniel managed to sunburn the tops of his feet to an alarming shade of vermillion and I'm sporting a splotchy burn across my neck and arms. Then today, we drove down to Mountain View for a barbecue with our friends Dave and Lindsay and their puppy Oski.

Bratwursts cooked in beer.

One of the three types of pulled pork served.

Naturally, I gorged myself and instantly felt sleepy. I wasn't the only one.

A wonderful Fourth of July.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lauren! I finally got online!!! HOOORAY! Anyway, great pictures (per usual). I hope you and Danny have a good time camping this weekend. We've got to try to get to beach together sometime soon.



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