Sunday, March 25, 2012


We arrived in Seattle to snow flurries. Daniel and I were cracking up because the flight departing SFO at the gate beside ours was headed to Cancun, and here we were on our spring break in the snow. 

Our friend Evan kindly drove out to the airport to collect us and ferried us back to his place, where snow was actually sticking on the ground. Marissa and Lola greeted us inside. 

Lola is such a goooood girrrrrl.

We went out for dim sum at Jade Garden, kicking off the vacation feasting in style. Afterwards, Evan and Marissa drove us out to Ballard for some coffee and strolling. I bought a pair of fancy patterned socks at Blackbird and we went to King's Hardware for drinks. 

We enjoyed bloody marys and people watching. 

Afterwards, we went to pick up shellfish for a seafood feast that is fast becoming something of an annual tradition.

We bought crabs, mussels, clams, and oysters. I shucked an oyster for the first time, but other than that mostly sat on the sidelines with a glass of wine, vacation style. And then we ate. 

Lola watched wistfully.

We ate and drank until late in the evening. We had our ferry to Victoria first thing in the morning but we were having too much fun for sleep- just right for the first day of vacation. 

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