Monday, March 5, 2012

central coast young farmers & ranchers crab feed

As I mentioned in my last post, Daniel and I spent the weekend outside San Francisco. To be more specific, we spent the weekend in The Country. We drove south through miles and miles of sprawling farmland and met our friend Jared at his place in San Juan Bautista. San Juan Bautista a small town with chickens running around in the streets as well as a good number of bearded, leather-clad bikers with enormous motorcycles. Beyond that, I didn't get to see a whole lot because we collected Jared and drove down to Greenfield for the Central Coast Young Farmers & Ranchers Crab Feed.

As a bit of background, it was Jared who invited us to the event as we are neither farmers nor ranchers. We   arrived early and bought a slightly embarrassing number of drink tickets and watched the Mayor of King City play the guitar and sing for the crowd.

We devoured platters of crab and drank wine and then spent the rest of the evening dancing around to Whitesnake and generally being too merry for our own good. Those farmers and ranchers know how to have a good time. I don't know the next time I'll visit Greenfield (or the next time I'll eat crab in such quantity) but it was an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening.

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