Sunday, February 13, 2011

making it home

These days, our weekends mostly revolve around making home improvements or running apartment-related errands. Needless to say, we've been really busy. It's been mostly fun, though hemorrhaging money makes me feel a bit drained at times. 

Yesterday we painted our entryway- the first time I've ever painted an apartment.

It was a little bit scary at first- it seemed like such a big commitment, once the first swish of dark paint went onto the formerly white walls- but now I'm loving it.

For some reason, choosing a color and painting the walls makes the place feel so much more personal to me. Much more like home.

To celebrate the homeyness, I decided to make roast chicken for dinner. Nothing seems more like home than a roast chicken.

I tried a new recipe, though- one from Melissa Clark (whom I adore), and although I have to admit I felt a little bit faint rubbing tablespoon after tablespoon of butter into the chicken, the end result was delicious.

I served it over orzo, with a side of fennel & romaine salad. And when Daniel added a second coat of paint to the walls, I baked brownies. We stayed in, drinking cups of milk and eating our brownies, so happy to making what is turning into a perfectly lovely home.

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