Sunday, October 10, 2010

sun day

When it comes to weather, I am very spoiled. I grew up in San Diego, which I think says it all. Very, very spoiled.

This weekend, it felt like San Diego had come to Paris. 

The only difference is that here, I know it won't last long- so I have to be sure to savor these last warm, glorious days. I'd planned on going to a museum but couldn't bring myself to do anything indoors. So instead I decided to just wander around with my camera.

Galerie de Montpensier

I'd really like a vespa.

rue Danielle Casanova
I walked through the Tuileries and decided to sit by one of the fountains.


 I ended up watching children play with toy sailboats for nearly an hour.

 They all had sticks that looked like pool cues to push the sailboats when they got too close to the edges. They seemed very entertained. 

{Passerelle Leopold Sedar Senghor}
Then I crossed over to the left bank. On all of the bridges with metal railings, people attach locks. There are hundreds and hundreds on each bridge. It's supposed to be romantic, like carving your initials in a tree. 

I ended up at a cafe on rue Cherche Midi. And this is France, so it was completely acceptable to drink wine at 3pm.

I wish it could stay like this always. 

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