Saturday, October 9, 2010

bois de vincennes & parc floral de paris

Hoo boy it's been a long week. I would be betraying no secrets if I said that I'm very happy the weekend is here. It also happens to be beautiful outside (Sun! Warmth!)

To celebrate this brief reprieve from autumn, I decided to go to the Bois de Vincennes.

The Bois de Vincennes is to the east of Paris, just outside the boulevard peripherique. But you can still get there by metro, which is what I did.

The park itself is quite large. I decided to wander around aimlessly and see what there was to see.

This included the Exposition de Champignons. I guess it was kind of interesting- an exhibition hall filled with hundreds of different kinds of mushrooms. But it was hot and smelled very, well, mushroomy, so I didn't stay long.

Instead I went to look through the flower gardens, which were lovely. Very bright and all in bloom.

And after that, I  went looking for a nice spot to sit and read. I had to find somewhere in the shade because it was actually hot and sunny enough that my pasty, pasty alabaster skin could potentially burn. How is it possible I'd never come here before?

It was a very perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

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