Sunday, October 10, 2010

molly wizenberg's tomato and cilantro stem soup

Yesterday, I made soup for lunch. Tomato and cilantro-stem soup, to be exact. 

Until, well, now I guess, I hated cilantro and would actively avoid it, picking it out of things if necessary. I used to feel the same way about avocado. Insane, I know. But for some reason, cilantro has been sounding pretty good of late. I picked up a bunch the other day for a different recipe and decided this morning that a soup would be a good way to use the stems, which would otherwise end up in the trash.

My mise-en-place. And the world's dullest knife.
This soup is delicious.

It's spicy and bright tasting and perfect for lunch with a hunk of good bread. I found the recipe on Orangette and basically followed it (except for adding sour cream on top). I'll definitely be experimenting with more soups this fall/winter. So homey and nourishing. 

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