Wednesday, October 5, 2011

deb perelman's mushroom bourguignon

It's raining in San Francisco. 

People complain, but I sort of love the rain. I guess growing up in San Diego made all actual weather seem novel and somewhat curious. These days, rain means I get to wear fuzzy socks and make hot stewy dinners. In the past week alone, I've used my dutch oven three times. 

Last night, for example, I made mushroom bourguignon.

God knows, I love meat- but I don't always feel my best after eating it. Since we had lamb this weekend (and then again as leftovers last night...) I thought I'd try to make a dinner that made me feel a little less carnivorous. I was pleased with the results- the portobello mushrooms along with the wine and sauteed vegetables tasted rich and unctuous without being excessively heavy. Good Tuesday eating. 

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