Monday, October 10, 2011

big sur (II)

{Pfieffer State Park}

{banana slug}

{hike to Partington Cove}

{Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park}

{Henry Miller Library}

{Sierra Mar}

{Hendrick's martini}

We had a very full (but not rushed) day on Saturday with lots of hiking and driving along the coast. The Pfeiffer State Park and the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park were particularly lovely- though really, pretty much everything in Big Sur is spectacularly beautiful. Before our trip I had hoped there would be a concert at the Henry Miller Library we could go to, but even though there wasn't anything playing there this past weekend, we still went to check it out and had fun poring over the selection of books for sale. In the evening, we stopped by Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn for drinks and watched the sun set into a thick fog bank that was creeping in before heading to dinner at the Big Sur Bakery. Such an excellent day. I think both of us were ready to up and move to Big Sur at the end of it.

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