Sunday, September 4, 2011

nice to be back

It has been so nice to be back in San Diego. As I write this, I am sitting in the kitchen drinking a cappuccino while my dad reads the Sunday Times and watches the U.S. Open and my mother empties the dishwasher. My brother is fast asleep on the sofa in the living room. Our ancient dachshund, Nigel, is chewing on a rubber toy in his dog bed. The sun is shining. Yes, it's nice to be back.

Yesterday, my parents invited some friends of the family over for dinner, so my mother and I spent a good portion of the day doing last minute grocery shopping and cooking. Because summer is coming to an end, we decided to grill steaks with chimichurri along with some simple vegetables. For dessert, my mother made panna cotta and I made a cherry compote flavored with lemon, vanilla, and Madeira. 

At 7, Arnie and Susan arrived bearing appetizers- mushroom duxelles, gruyere and guanciale on puff pastry, and homemade toasts with truffle cream. 

And then there were the wines. 

Most of my friends think I'm a little bonkers when it comes to my obsession with food, but as you can see, I come by it honestly. It's one of the great pleasures in life, made especially precious because it's  something you share with the people you love. 

Dinner was a lovely, relaxed affair full of laughter and conversation. 

After dessert, Arnie and Susan went home and my family sat out in the living room and listened to the Rolling Stones. Then we all went in the jacuzzi. 

It's good to be here.

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