Thursday, September 8, 2011

fresh eggs

A week or so ago, we had dinner with our friends Morgan and Joanna over at their apartment in the Richmond. Their apartment complex has a backyard and in that backyard, they have built a chicken coop that currently houses five chickens. After dinner, they gave us a few eggs to take home with us.

The eggs are smaller than ones you would buy at a grocery store and they've got a lovely sort of soft gray hue to them. I woke up early this morning to get some work done from home before heading to the office and decided that today was the day to sample the eggs.

They were, unsurprisingly, delicious. The yolks were a deep orange color and the flavor was delicate but also richer than a store bought egg. I speared the yolks with little toast points and ate up every bite of the eggs with relish. An excellent start to the morning.

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