Thursday, January 27, 2011

wednesday warriors

Yesterday evening, Daniel and I went to a Warriors game at the Oakland Coliseum.  This is somewhat out of character for me- I don't attend many sporting events- but every once in a while I enjoy it.

Mostly I enjoy the excuse to eat junk food and drink a huge bucket of watery beer on a weeknight without shame.

I ate my whole hot dog but could only manage about half of the beer before my stomach started to ache. But I consider that part of the experience.

Then it was time to watch the game. I don't know a thing about basketball, but I appreciate that it's fast paced and I can never quite stop marveling at how huge the players are (really, it seems almost unfair- it can't possibly be that difficult to make a basket when you're practically as tall as the net.) Also, I find all of the other rituals of the game fascinating...the dancing cheerleaders, the distribution of pizzas to the audience, the half-time show...really, there's so much going on besides the game.  I always feel so utterly clueless at these events that it's almost like being a tourist in a foreign country where I don't speak the language.
It's kind of awesome.

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