Sunday, January 23, 2011

settling in

Oh, the apartment is a mess. 

Things were starting to looking marginally okay on Friday, but then a bunch of my things arrived from storage and suddenly we were swimming in boxes and packing material. 

That's only about a third of the trash littering our little home. The rest I stuffed more deeply into the kitchen, just to get it out of my sight. Right now it sort of feels as though we'll never be settled. I'm trying to exercise my patience. 

I would give myself about a C+ on that front.

Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon unpacking and then making an Ikea run (see assembly of TV stand above). I had a partial meltdown midway through unpacking the bowls I'd made in high school ceramics class- why do I still own this crap?- but then Daniel shooed me out of the house to buy us root beers at the corner store and I pulled it together. Well, you know, sort of.

It's funny- it feels like a new phase of life. Last week I went in to Bed, Bath & Beyond at lunchtime to buy a featherbed (my new obsession) and a bath mat. It's like Toys"R"Us for grownups.  Or at least grownups like me

(Am I a grownup?)

And when did kitchen appliances replace Legos and Barbies as toys?

Also, I've never lived with anyone before. I mean, I've had roommates, but I've never lived with anyone. And it's different. Things that you never would have noticed before suddenly become illuminated. The other day I shrieked like a tea kettle when I watched Daniel mis-fold a towel. And he scolded me for eating graham crackers in bed ("Crumbs in the sheets!")

You never realize how set you are in your ways until there's someone else around to notice.

But I am not complaining. Right now I'm having a glass of wine on the sofa while my roommate is making me dinner in the other room.

It's the best.

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