Monday, January 10, 2011

before and...

I was thinking of this post as the first step in a sort of "Before & After" of my new apartment. Except, there's no "After" at this point, since we haven't even moved in yet.

On Saturday, we took our first day-time visit to the apartment in order to take measurements and start thinking about how we might want to decorate the place. It's a clean slate now, which is both kind of exciting and kind of terrifying.

All the bare walls! The expanse of hardwood floors! It's not a massive apartment or anything, but the choices in terms of decor hang rather heavy on my mind. I don't own a stick of furniture- as I've moved so much over the past...well, forever, it never made sense to buy anything worth hanging on to. But I'm feeling a little fed-up with that mentality. However long I'm in this new place, I want it to feel like home. 

And so today, I bought a bed. Like a real bed, with a headboard and frame. It was deeply anxiety-inducing at the time, but when I dropped by the apartment to pick up the keys this afternoon, I looked around and thought how perfect it would look in the bedroom. And suddenly decorating the apartment seemed like it could actually be fun rather than something that would drain my soul and my pocketbook.

Though the pocketbook will definitely be taking some serious hits. This moving/furnishing business is not cheap. But I won't focus on that right now. 

Anyway, Daniel is traveling for work this week, so I'm on my lonesome here- eating leftover stew for dinner, watching movies he doesn't want to see, and other such spending-the-week-night-at-home-alone-in-the-apartment-you're-squatting-in-until-you-move-on-Saturday activities. Ho hum. Is it Saturday yet?

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