Wednesday, December 8, 2010

yule-tide spirit

Oh, how I wish I could put up my little Christmas tree. It doesn't really feel like Christmas until one has a tree in one's home. This is what mine looked like last year:

But right now it packed in a box, wallowing in dust bunnies under my bed because I'm not spending Christmas in Paris this year. Yes, I could drag it out and assemble it, but I'm afraid it would seem something of a charade- so it seems I'll just have to wait to get my tree fix.

I wish I could get more into the Christmas mood, but mostly I find myself feeling grouchy about the bad weather and resentful that it's keeping me cooped up. It snowed today and it was very pretty until about 5:30pm, when the snow switched to rain and the drifts on the streets and sidewalks turned the consistency of a horrible gray Slurpee. I miss being able to walk around, especially since that's my main only form of exercise, unless you count lifting a heavily laden fork to my mouth.

I guess it's funny that snow doesn't put me in a Christmasy mood, but c'mon- I grew up in San Diego! If you showed me a palm tree right now, I'd probably just die.

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