Thursday, July 3, 2014

whatever works out

Happy Thursday! I'm about to head in for work but, like most people, I have the 4th off, so I'll be spending Friday-Sunday lazing about. Tonight we're meeting friends for a birthday dinner here and then possibly heading up to Napa on Friday or Saturday, depending on Daniel's schedule. I'm feeling pretty good about just having an extra day off this week, so I'm happy with whatever works out. 

The picture above is of our dinner last night and it was so simple, there's hardly a recipe to give you. A few fingerling potatoes roasted with herb salt, some sauteed summer squash with garlic, and a lovely piece of seared ahi. I love fish but we rarely eat it at home because it's so expensive - unless you buy it at Costco, where I went last weekend with my parents. Thank you, parents! Anyway, it was a very nice, simple meal; just right for a Wednesday. 

Ok, time for coffee. Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone!

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