Monday, July 21, 2014


A while back, my friend Kinzie proposed a trip to Marin to attend Sommerfest at the Nature Friends Tourist Club up on Mt. Tam. Of course I said yes.

On Saturday, I drove up to Kinzie's aunt and uncle's home at the tippy top of Mt. Tam. It may be the most lovely home on the planet and I can't imagine a more relaxing spot. We all had dinner together (including their 14 year old cockatiel Isabel, who crunched on chicken bones all throughout the meal - something I found oddly fascinating) and then headed in for an early night. I slept with the windows wide open so I could breathe in the smell of the redwoods. 

In the morning, Kinzie and I met up with our friend Kala at the house and then hiked out to the Tourist Club. The hike took less time than we had anticipated and we arrived an hour or so before the festivities started, only to find a huge line already in place. We waited (somewhat) patiently until we could have our hands stamped and wrists braceleted and finally headed in to enjoy some midday beer and bratwursts. Kinzie and Kala even put on dirndls for the occasion (I stayed in my boring - but warm - hiking outfit). Such a fun summer afternoon.

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