Wednesday, July 11, 2012

when in rome

So, I was in Rome.

A few months ago, my parents made plans to take a trip to Italy. My father had some business in Geneva and so my mother joined him and they made a holiday of it, traveling to Munich, Turin and Rome. They  invited me to join them for the Rome portion.

I didn't need to be asked twice.

We packed in an ambitious number of activities, including tours of the Vatican and the Farnese Palace, a day trip to Ostia, a visit to the Borghese Gallery, and of course, many, many restaurants. The heat was punishing- Rome in July- but the city was magnificent nonetheless. Rome is one of those places that reminds you why travel is so wonderful, even though the world seems to be getting smaller and more homogenous with every passing year. The fading roses and ochres of the buildings, the lush taste of fresh burrata, the ceiling of the Pantheon. I marvel every time.

Thank you again to my wonderful parents for letting me share their vacation. It was a beautiful trip I'll remember always.

Where we ate:
Antico Arco (Piazzale Aurelio 7 - Gianicolo)
Via Settembrini (Via Luigi Settembrini  25 - Trastevere)
Roscioli (Via dei Guibbonari 21 - Campo dei Fiori)

Da Danilo (Via Petrarca 13 - Monti)
Al Ceppo (Via Panama 2/4 - Parioli)
313 Cavour (Via Cavour 313 - Colosseo)
Hostaria Romana (Via del Boccaccio 1 - Piazza Barberini) 
Il Tempio di Iside (Via Labicana 50 - Colosseo)


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