Monday, July 23, 2012

napa valley biscuits

Daniel and I spent the better part of the weekend in Napa, visiting Daniel's parents and generally relaxing outside the city. Over dinner on Saturday, the conversation turned to the opening of a new breakfast spot in downtown Napa called Napa Valley Biscuits. There was some discussion of chicken and waffles and biscuits with gravy and pretty soon I was begging to go there for Sunday breakfast. 

Because Daniel's parents are remarkably kind and tolerant people, they agreed and on Sunday morning, we headed out.

After studying the menu with rapt fascination for a few minutes, I decided to go for The Yardbird- a fried chicken and biscuit sandwich with bacon, cheddar cheese and gravy. Daniel ordered the fried chicken and waffles. We each had glasses of tart lemonade. I felt suddenly very grateful that Biscuits wasn't a chain restaurant because as such, they weren't required to post anything about the number of calories we were preparing to ingest. I didn't want to know. 

The food was delicious and almost awe-inspiring in its unapologetic richness. The chicken was perfectly cooked- tender with crispy skin. As I staggered out to the car, I realized that it would be impossible to eat this kind of food more than once or twice a year. Still, it was quite the special treat- there really is nothing like a good biscuit.

Napa Valley Biscuits
1502 Main St
Napa 94559

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