Wednesday, February 8, 2012

pub quiz

Every so often, Matching Half- a small cafe near our apartment- has a pub quiz night. I didn't know this until last week, when Daniel and I were out for a walk after dinner and we saw a flyer for it posted in the window. We decided we should check it out and enlisted our friends Morgan and Joanna to accompany us.

We showed up around 6:45, just in time to grab a table and order a round of beers. The game started. Here are some sample questions from the first few rounds:

  • What is the name for the colored lights you see when you press down on your eyes? 
  • Who played Superman 2?
  • What does a spermologist study?
  • Who lives at 221B Baker Street?
  • What is the name for the semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols?
  • Who discovered penicillin?

There was also a music round where a somewhat pretentious hipster fellow played music and then asked us to name the artist or the title of the song. At the end of the music round, after Joanna was able to identify Handel's Water Music and I remembered that the name of the band that sings "Teenage Dirtbag" is Wheatus, we were declared champions of the music round and each of us received a free half-pint of the beer of our choice.

The last round was all about being able to identify sitcom pets by name- so for example, the quiz master would say "Comet" and we were all supposed to know that Comet was the dog on Full House.

I did not do very well at that round.

In the end, we came in second- the winners each received a half pound of coffee (Matching Half is, after all, a cafe). But I was pleased with our beer winnings and motivated to beef up on my random trivia. Next time, it'll be us going home with a half-pound of Sightglass coffee from Rwanda!

Matching Half
1799 McAllister St.

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