Friday, February 10, 2012

looking forward to that

To be honest, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about Valentine's day this year. Part of that may be because Daniel and I promised not to exchange gifts and vowed that we wouldn't go out for dinner. Really, it just doesn't feel necessary- I'd much rather make a dinner at home for just the two of us than be crammed in shoulder to shoulder at a packed restaurant with an overpriced Valentine's menu (can you tell we're both still bitter about our dinner last year? A pox on you, l'Ardoise!). Still, I love any excuse to drink champagne and eat rich food in the comfort of my cozy apartment, so I have to admit I'm looking forward to that.

Anyway, apart from my Valentine's day chatter, there are a number of other reasons I'm happy the weekend is approaching. We have dinner plans with friends in the East Bay on Saturday, so we're going to head over early and spend the afternoon in Berkeley. I'm hoping to squeeze in visits to the Cheese Board, Twig & Fig, the Berkeley Botanical Gardens and perhaps a walk down College Ave. We shall see.

 In the meanwhile, here are a few items for you to peruse this February weekend:

February's issue of Matchbook Magazine teaches you how to stock your bar cart. I wish I had a bar cart.

Olive oil fraud!

I'd love to eat this as a Valentine's day treat. Or really just whenever.


Just finished this semi-terrifying book. Now on to this. Blerg.

Did you ever see Hable con Ella? I was obsessed with the brief clips of dance. Now I need to see this.

Image via sweetapolita

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