Saturday, May 3, 2014

in the right direction

Being back in San Francisco has been wonderful. The weather has been stunning lately and we've taken to going up on the roof with cocktails some evenings to look out across the water to the Golden Gate. I've been exploring our new neighborhood by going on runs, passing along the Presidio and wending my way through Laurel Heights. We've been sampling the local fare and last night had a terrific dinner at Nico, which was made all the more lovely because we were able to walk there and back from our apartment (stopping for a cookie at Spruce on the way home!)

We're still getting our bearings - our living room is entirely empty save for the television (we've been sitting on an inflatable mattress to watch TV!) and all of my clothes are flopped out on a blanket in the bedroom because I don't have a dresser - but it's slowly coming together. I dragged poor Daniel to West Elm today to fondle fabric samples but we finally ended up picking up a sofa, so I think we're taking steps in the right direction. We also dropped by the Container Store so I could pick up a shoe rack, which I then put together, fumbling and cursing while Daniel chuckled at my incompetence. I'm terribly intimidated by any sort of furniture assembly or interior decorating but I'm trying to get into it a bit so that the place will feel bit more personal and finished. 

I hope the new month has been treating everyone well and I hope to be back here more often as we settle in to our new space!

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