Thursday, May 15, 2014


Man, has it been toasty around these parts over the past few days. I've never really been one for the heat; I'm pale as milk and strongly dislike feeling sticky. Given this, San Francisco is basically the ideal city for me to live in because it almost never gets above 75 here - but this week has been the exception.

But in truth I've found myself enjoying it. As I mentioned, Daniel and I are oven-less at the moment (we found out the oven was broken just after we moved in and a month and a half later are still waiting for it to be repaired. Le sigh.) but the heat has meant I haven't wanted to use it anyway. We've been buying delicious (if breathtakingly expensive) lumps of Cowgirl Creamery mozzarella and fixing simple salads that we eat along with hunks of bread and glasses of very cold rose. We don't have a proper dining table yet so sometimes we eat at the high table in our kitchen, which I love. Daniel has been bringing home flowers; yesterday he bicycled home from the grocery store with some sunflowers that I stuck in our battered aluminum watering can and set on the table, right by the open window.

This heatwave isn't so bad.

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