Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day

First, I should say happy mother's day to my lovely mother. I didn't see her because she and my father skipped down to Half Moon Bay for the weekend, the lucky ducks, but Daniel and I did end up going to Napa to see his mother and we were treated to some spectacular weather and even more spectacular barbecue. Daniel's dad knows his way around a rack of pork ribs, oh yes he does. I wish I could provide a recipe but I haven't a clue how to cook ribs. Seeing as I have no grill (not even a functioning oven...more on that later) I haven't had much opportunity to learn how to cook such things, so it's always a special treat to have someone else make ribs, which may be in my top ten favorite foods (though I loathe sticky sweet barbecue sauce - dry rub only, please.) Anyway, it was a  completely lovely weekend that we had tough time pulling ourselves out of. 

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