Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the saguaro hotel, palm springs

When I found out that we'd be staying at the Saguaro in Palm Springs while visiting Joshua Tree, I was secretly really excited. I'd seen pictures of the candy-colored hotel and was curious to see it in person.

My room had been painted a vibrant shade of magenta with red accent walls and there were a few cute little touches - a vintage camera, a pile of books on design. I ended up hanging out at the bar for a while with my team, drinking palomas and playing Cards Against Humanity. I fell into bed around 11:45 and slept better than I have in ages.

So the Saguaro did not disappoint. The only shame is that we weren't there long enough for me to lounge by the pool. How clever to turn an otherwise rather ordinary hotel into something so memorable. 


  1. Your blog is my new favorite! I was browsing your recipes and cannot wait to make the poppyseed cake this weekend. Miss you! -- Meghan

  2. Thank you my dear! That cake is pretty awesome - I hope you enjoy! xo


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