Saturday, December 21, 2013

bahia drake, costa rica

We just got back from seven days in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. It was quite the adventure getting there- a flight from San Francisco to Miami, another flight from Miami to San Jose, an overnight layover in San Jose, another flight from San Jose to Drake Bay, a truck ride, and finally, a boat ride out to our hotel, the lovely Copa de Arbol.

The flight from San Jose to Drake Bay was actually really cool- we took a single engine plane and got to enjoy views all along the coast and across the mountains.

Getting to the hotel took some time but it was well worth the effort- it was an absolute oasis of tranquility. Once we arrived at the hotel, we were welcomed with fresh coconuts to sip and sat down to a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit and gallo pinto with homemade tabasco sauce. We watched little white-faced capuchin monkeys caper around in the trees outside the dining room, making eyes at our food.

My mother did a fabulous job planning the trip, so in between taking dips in the ocean and drinking caipirinhas we also managed to fit in a tour of the Corovado reserve (we saw all four kinds of monkeys indigenous to Costa Rica), a boat trip to Cano Island to snorkel (I immediately got stung by jellyfish and then spent the rest of the morning sunning myself on the beach), hikes along the coast, and massages. The rest of my family also opted for zip lining through the rainforest canopy but I was feeling lazy and spent some time lounging by the pool reading.

I actually didn't take all that many pictures- I spent so much time in the water that my camera mostly stayed in the room. But I wouldn't have changed it for the world- it was the most relaxing vacation I think I've ever taken. A huge thank you to my parents for having arranged such a fabulous family vacation! 

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