Thursday, April 4, 2013

healthy spirits

To preface this, I know basically nothing about beer.

A promising start, no? But we were in the city a few weeks back to see the Girl with the Pearl Earring at the de Young and afterwards ended up walking over to Clement to check out Healthy Spirits on Clement.

The signage on the store promises "Beer, whiskey, hummus" which I thought was rather an odd combination- hummus? But apparently it's very good. And the beer selection was impressive, even (perhaps especially) to an uninformed rube such as myself. 

I chose my beer based on its label- and the advice of the very nice man working behind the counter. Foret is a saison style beer which the salesman informed me meant that it would be reasonably light, but not sweet, with a slightly barnyard-y aftertaste. This actually made me more inclined to try the beer since I like that type of strong flavor when it comes to cheese. 

When we got back to Daniel's house, we sat out on the deck and sipped our beer. The Foret was perfect for a mid-afternoon drink on a Sunday in the sunshine. 

Healthy Spirits
1042 Clement St.

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