Friday, May 4, 2012

checking in

{wine tasting at Ma(i)sonry, Napa}

Oh dear, oh dear- I've been very lax about posting this week and I wanted to check in before the weekend. Still, I did manage a wee blog re-design, so hopefully that counts for something?

The week was very nice- a birthday party at Mission Bowling Club (out of 12 people, I had by far the fewest points. Sad.), a baby shower that included a manicure and pedicure, drinks with my Dad at One Market and a number of other pleasant activities. But I took a break from lugging my camera around, so no pictures.

Daniel got home from his work trip last night and this evening we're driving up to Napa to house sit for his parents while they're on vacation in Italy. I'm elated of course- I love house sitting in Napa- and can hardly wait to skip out of town for a few days (even though our part of town is clearly awesome-check it!). Napa is a place I actually relax and I'm looking forward to reading out on the deck, walking the dog, barbecuing (!), and sleeping in. And hopefully taking a few photos along the way.

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend planned.

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