Sunday, January 15, 2012


Earlier this week, I bumped into my friend/neighbor Ashley in the street outside my apartment and we hatched a plan to go out for breakfast at Plow. Ashley and her husband Josh just got back from their honeymoon in Costa Rica and Guatemala so I was looking forward to a chance to catch up over scrambled eggs and fried potatoes.

{breakfast @ Plow}

{me & Ashley}

{lemon ricotta pancakes}

Even at 9:30 the wait was over an hour. Usually waiting that long to be seated at a restaurant makes me madder than a wet hen- I am wildly impatient, especially when it comes to breakfast.  But thankfully, there was a coffee shop just down the street and we were able to wait there comfortably. When we finally got into Plow, the food- especially the lemon ricotta pancakes- was worth the wait.

After brunch, we made it a fully rounded yuppie experience by going and browsing through a furniture store in SOMA and then stopping by the farmer's market. All very nice, and now that I'm off to scrub the bathroom (New Year's resolution: clean weekly), I can do it cheerfully.

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend!

1299 18th St.
SF CA 94107

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