Monday, January 2, 2012

new year's day

On New Year's Eve, Daniel and I went out to dinner with friends at Flour + Water, a decadent boozy experience that stretched into the wee hours, as is correct for New Year's Eve. On New Year's day, my little brother came over for a brunch of bacon, eggs and waffles and then the three of us drove down to Montara Beach.

It was a January morning that made me deeply and profoundly grateful to be living in California. 

Our friends Lindsay and David came to meet us and brought their dog Oski, who at nine months is the size of a smallish lion. We all sat on the beach and reveled in the majesty of living in such a beautiful place. Afterwards, Daniel, Trevor and I drove back up to the city and stopped to pick up a late lunch at Shanghai Dumpling King in the Outer Richmond. Such delicious xiao long bao. We ate watching the Pink Panther back at our apartment and all of us went to sleep early. It was a pretty nice way to start 2012.

Happy New Year. 

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