Monday, June 27, 2011

weekends like these

This past weekends was one of those weekends that was so great that I really fought getting out of bed this morning because that would mean it was over.

Some highlights included:
  • New shoes (see above)
  • Friday night take-out from Sushi Bistro and a stroll to Mojo for post-dinner drinks
  • Saturday trip to Ikea to return the broken lamp that's been collecting dust under the bed and (finally!) buy a kitchen table
  • Gyros from the Emeryville Public Market
  • Drinking a glass of wine while Daniel assembled the kitchen table and chairs from Ikea and feeling grateful that I didn't have to do it myself
  • Gay Pride Parade. Classic San Francisco.
  • Sunday lunch and cocteles at Nopalito.
  • The 5-cent sale at BevMo
  • Buying fresh peaches for peach cake at the Grove Street farmer's market
  • Dinner with friends followed by a few rounds of Bananagrams
Did I mention the weather was summery perfection? Weekends like these- you just can't beat 'em.

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