Friday, April 29, 2011

picnic wines

One of Daniel's friends from high school just started his own wine label. I guess that must happen a lot when you grow up in Napa. Anyway, their label is called Picnic and they had a party last night to celebrate the release of their first wine, a chenin blanc called Blue Plate.  

The party was at Coup d'Etat in Potrero. I love Potrero. Every time I go there I have fantasies of moving into a large loft in an industrial building and filling it with expensive furniture. We had an early dinner at Axis and then went to the party. Coup d'Etat is a ritzy design/furniture store where they sell things like hammocks made out of fur. It's kind of amazing. 

Daniel ended up buying a case. I can't wait to drink it up!

Coup d'Etat
111 Rhode Island St
San Francisco 94103

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