Saturday, March 26, 2011

marion cunningham's yeast raised waffles

As I've mentioned before, I love breakfast. In particular, I love waffles. I love the way they taste and I also love saying the word "waffle" so it's really just a great thing all around. But the thing is, I really only like homemade waffles. I've found that waffles sold at breakfast establishments are often too crunchy in texture and lack in any real flavor. Since I do take breakfast seriously, I usually try to avoid such disappointments by ordering other things. So long story short, waffles and I don't cross paths very often.

Until now. Now, I am now the proud owner of a Chef's Choice WafflePro (!) and am thus free to make and eat waffles whenever I want

Like this morning. This morning, I made Marion Cunningham's yeast-raised waffles* and they were delicious.

You start the night before by preparing the batter and then letting it sit out overnight to rise. 

Then in the morning, you wake up, make some coffee.

Then add eggs and some baking soda to the batter and pour said batter onto the waffle iron.

If, unlike me, you are intelligent, you will refrain from overfilling the waffle maker to the extent that it overflows and pours liquid all down the sides onto the counter and sends you running from the kitchen shrieking for help. Just saying.

And then poof! Waffles!

And, boy, are they tasty. Light as a feather and crisp around the edges. Pre-syrup, they are almost more savory than sweet, sort of the way a croissant is, and I can tell you from experience that it is possible for even a smallish eater to put quite a few of them away in a single sitting. 

*Here is the recipe, should you be curious.

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