Thursday, March 24, 2011

a little light entertainment

Since I spent most of the early part of this week bedridden, I somehow made it to Wednesday morning without even a glimpse at my weekly planner. So Wednesday morning I discovered, with some surprise, that I was going to a Foster the People show that evening at the Independent.

And the show was good.

A band called the Steel Wells opened, and I quite liked them. The guy who played the tambourine (and drums. and a few other instruments I couldn't identify) looked just like Justin Long. They were followed by another band, Grouplove, that I found tolerable, and finally by Foster the People. They took their sweet time coming onstage and by the By the time Foster the People came onstage I was feeling sleepy and a little bit grouchy at being up past my bedtime (I'm old) but the songs were irresistably catchy and we got to hear "Pumped up Kicks."

A good way to spend a rainy evening in the neighborhood.

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