Thursday, September 30, 2010


I visited Chartes last month on a lark. I'd never been and found myself with a free Saturday, so I decided I'd make the short trip. That's one of the lovely things about Paris- you can hop on a train and visit all manner of delightful spots with no fuss at all. 

I was a bit disappointed to find that the facade of the church was covered in scaffolding- why do these things always seem to be happening?- but it was still so lovely that I could hardly complain. I spent the whole day in Chartes and came back to the cathedral at several points during the day so I could see how the changing light would affect the way the stained glass windows looked. I didn't take any photos- I could never have captured the light correctly- but it was amazing, marvelously beautiful

The exterior of the church is nothing to sniff at either. And the town is charming. I happily spent the day wandering and basking in the sun, visiting the Saturday marche and eating lunch just off the main square. I took far too many photos.

And then I hopped on the train and was back in Paris in a flash, where I spent the remainder of the afternoon bicycling around the Marais with my friend Cristina. Easy as pie. I love living here. 

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