Monday, November 9, 2015

feels like fall

After coming home from my (very nice) trip to D.C. last night, I spent today being pretty much of a homebody. We slept in and then I made us bagels with eggs, which were pretty awesome. I suppose it makes sense to use a vehicle that comes with a pre-made hole in the middle when you're planning to cook an egg in it. The result was a part crispy, part fluffy bagel with a poached egg in the middle. What's not to like about such a concoction?

Anyway, D.C. was great; I sat through a bunch of training meetings but also had the chance to socialize with a bunch of my new colleages, go out for a lovely Thai lunch at Soi 38 with my friend Ellie, see the Vermeers at the National Gallery, and enjoy a very nice meal of langoustines and fresh pasta at Fiola Mare with my father and brother.  So all in all, a very worthwhile trip.

So now I'm home, doing laundry and preparing make-ahead meals for the week, which is actually quite nice. I have a pot of beef and barley soup on the stove and a chicken roasting in the oven. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. It finally feels like fall.

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