Monday, January 19, 2015

Ai Weiwei @Large

Happy 2015. I realize I'm a little late here but the new year got off to a running start. I went back to school at the start of the month and just as I had recovered from one cold I immediately got sick again, so I've been moving a little slowly. Between a new class schedule, working to finish a paper that's hanging over my head from last quarter, and learning to drive stick shift, I've been fairly occupied but I took a nice break this weekend to spend time with my friend Lena who was visiting from New York. On Saturday, we took the ferry from Pier 33 out to Alcatraz to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit.

We lucked out and the weather was good - a few wispy clouds in the sky but warm. The ferry ride was a treat in and of itself with its wonderful views.

The exhibit was marvelous. We also had access to areas of the island that aren't typically open to visitors - the hospital wing, the model industries building, cell block A.

One of the best parts of visiting Alcatraz is the view from the island, looking out to Marin, to San Francisco and across to the Golden Gate. Really spectacular.

Hope everyone's year is off to a good start. I'll be back soon.

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